The Team


John Ironside

Chances are, if you've done business with Anco, you've met John. He is the [new] owner, manager. and also the head salesman. He ensures everything is running smoothly at the office as manager and as the head salesman, his vast knowledge of golf carts and their accessories gets customers exactly what they want.


If you've ever called Anco and heard a sweet, helpful voice answer, that's Sithan. She is in charge of scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs, rental coordination, and your financial transactions and she's the best in the business!




Paul is one of our certified mechanics. He deals mostly in cosmetics but also in the more technical stuff as he's needed. If you love your new Doorworks enclosure or custom seats, Paul is the man to thank.


Nam is our other certified mechanic. Nam deals primarily in mechanics and electronics. New stereo, battery replacements, high-speed motors, etc. Nam's got you covered!